Ride for Hope

We are asking for everyone to to show your support for a local friend Carol A Murphy-Graham. She is in need of a heart transplant. while she is waiting on the l...


November 18, 2017 9:00 am

November 18, 2017 22:00 pm


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DeBary Diner 2 N Charles Richard Beall Blvd, DeBary, FL, 32713 ,FL

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We are asking for everyone to to show your support for a local friend Carol A Murphy-Graham. She is in need of a heart transplant. while she is waiting on the list she is unable to work so I want her bills to not be a part of her stress. Here is her story Ok I’ll do this as quick as possible giving you several other details of the
last years. I have worked at the diner for 10 years. I always know this date because I was managing a department store and my 27 yr old brother died. I started working there so my mother could sit with me all day because she was was so distraught and I had to help take care of her. While working there I fell in love with all my little peeps and starting thinking of most of them as family. I never was late or missed work until my about 4 years ago when my mother was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer, I took a 2 month leave of absence and moved in with her and took care of her 24/7 until she passed. I went right back to work. About 2 years ago I was in excruciating pain and everything was getting harder. I still went to work everyday usually crying on my way home and needing help out of the car. My doctor at the time decided to diagnosis me with
fibromyalgia and called it a day. I continued to get worse and my heart rate and blood pressure was very erratic but at the doctors on a monthly basis continued to stick to her diagnosis. On May 3rd I was having such a hard time breathing that I went to the ER for the first time in my life thinking a caught bronchitis or something while working. Nope, my hearts ef (working rate) was 15. I had congestive failure, an enlarged heart a bad valve and since it had gone on
so long under doctors constant care my ventricals are trashed. A week later I left the hospital with a life vest on. I was told I could not go back to work couldn’t drive for 5 months and they told me at age 50 I will need a wheel chair. After 4 months of drug therapy and dozens doctor appointment I have had very little improvement. My cardiologists feel I have had this for about 2 years and that it was a virus that attacked my heart muscle. So I just had a defibrillator/Pacemaker put in just to keep me hopefully alive until I can have a heart transplant. I start seeing the transplant doctor this month. So in the last 5 months I went from working like a crazy person, renovating my house every extra moment to needing a heart transplant exhausted and dizzy all time not driving, halting work on the house because I can no longer work and even though we have insurance I still have bills that are more than my years salary. I cant even babysit my new 2 month old granddaughter because I am not suppose to lift more than 10 pounds. During all this my husband had knee surgery the week before I became ill so not to loose our health insurance went back to work a week later, instead of 8. Surgery than went to crap and he is having a lot of problems walking and it has cut his commission paycheck in half. I am also living in a house with no kitchen and we cant even begin to work on the outside. so thats it sound like I made it all up lol but its my life. CA
there will be breakfast at sign up. $5 donation
$10 rider, $5 passanger and $15 per car.
There will be raffles and auctions at each stop.
starts at debary diner, then OB’S lounge, Critters, Foxhead and ends at Dizzy D’s for late lunch with a $5 donation and great music !!
KSU 10:30a Live Music at last stop 4-8 Plum Crazy