Jeff and Steve have nearly 80 years of combined experience on two wheels.

Both have a passion for riding, racing and enjoying time with family and friends. Asphalt & Iron was originally formed for their local riding group and grew in popularity. It was that point when they realized there was a void and decided to take the concept globally.

Asphalt & Iron

Asphalt & Iron is revolutionizing the road hobby industry by connecting groups of enthusiasts across the United States, as well as internationally.

Formed originally for personal convenience in sharing real-time ride information, poker runs, charity events, benefit rides, or often just to figure out where to grab a bite to eat or cold beverage; Asphalt & Iron has rapidly expanded across the US and globally.  It’s clear that Asphalt & Iron has filled a gap in social networking for bikers.

Asphalt & Iron – A Life Behind Bars provides daily entertainment to all members and shares geographic-specific information with the appropriate region group sites – we’re a family of communities.

We also have Asphalt & Iron – Classifieds for sharing your For Sale items; Asphalt & Iron – Classic Cars for our car enthusiast friends; and Asphalt & Iron – Trucker Life for those who keep things moving. We even have Asphalt & Iron – Singles for those looking to find a love connection or just a companion to share adventures.

How to Join a Group in Your Area

A few of the benefits of being an Asphalt & Iron member include:

  • 1. Meet great folks who share a passion for the open road in your area
  • 2. Share/Receive ride information whether you seek charity rides, poker runs, events, concerts, or just the best little places to get a bite and a cold beverage.
  • 3. Connect with A&I members in other cities/states/countries – you can find great stops or great people along your route.
  • 4. Moving from Orlando to St. Louis? It’s easy, simply join Asphalt & Iron—St. Louis and you’re connected instantly to some great folks (we know them!). Soon, we’ll be adding even more benefits for Asphalt & Iron members.
  • 5. Enjoy sharing funny posts and cool pictures, we even offer merchandise so be sure to Get Your Gear!


No Group in Your Area?… Here’s How to Start One

Asphalt & Iron has more than 100 group pages throughout the US and world, all with a mission to bring together like-minded riding enthusiasts. The Asphalt & Iron business model seeks to identify “Road Captains” (Franchisees) within geographical groups who are active in the group and recruit other members. The A&I Road Captain has the ability to leverage the Asphalt & Iron trademark to attract new members, sell advertising on their page and take advantage of many other benefits – it’s a great way to make extra income or create your own business, a business rooted in your passion for riding. That’s the principle in which Asphalt & Iron was founded.

Want to learn more about launching a franchise in your city? Just give us a ring or drop us an email – we look forward to hearing from you.